Computer terminology can be incredibly confusing, especially when what they have named at seems to have nothing to do with the product so you can’t even make an educated guess as to what it is. If you are an IT whiz then you probably do not have this problem, but for those of us who know the importance of IT but just don’t understand or know much about it, it can be a huge problem. If I were to mention infrastructure as a service – IaaS to you, would you know what it meant?

Well, IaaS is one of the ways or methods which allows for you to access cloud computing based services. This is where organizations can purchase or rent computing power, and/or disk space which they can access from their office or desktop PCs through private networks or via the internet.

If this still doesn’t make a great deal of sense it is where a company can rent space from a provider instead of having to purchase and set up an IT infrastructure of their own. Generally speaking there are three types or varieties of cloud offerings, however with constant IT changes the changes between each service are ever changing and constantly overlapping.

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